Gender Equality


Mining is a male dominated sector and in the Andean Region this is even more so, with female participation rates below other mining jurisdictions such as Australia or Canada. Providing more and better employment opportunities for women in the sector is key not only to promote gender equality and economic autonomy for women, but also to integrate different viewpoints and improve decision making in the sector. Women are disproportionally impacted by adverse socioenvironmental burdens and human rights violations. A more balanced workforce and sensitising stakeholders on gender-differentiated impacts are crucial to advance gender equality.

MinSus provides technical assistance to break down cultural resistances to women participation in the sector. For example, the programme supports the Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy since 2019 in the design and implementation of its gender strategy.






15 NOVIEMBRE, 2021

Lineamientos de género para el sector minero energético que promueven la equidad de género y prevención de violencia contra las mujeres en comunidades mineras

La Asociación de Profesionales del Sector Minero De Colombia (AIMC), en colaboración con GIZ, brindó asistencia técnica al Ministerio de Minas y Energía de Colombia, en la implementación en territorio de los Lineamientos de Género para el Sector Minero Energético por medio del Programa MinSus, que contempló la realización de talleres durante 4 jornadas.
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24 MAYO, 2021

UN Women and GIZ co-organize Webinar: “Intersectoral Dialogue "The role of women in the construction of a more sustainable economy: experiences from the mining and energy sectors"

The online event will be open to the public, will be held on May 20th, and will include the participation of regional and international experts in the field.
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05 JUNIO, 2019

Evento GIZ-Cumbre del Sajama-Women in Mining International en La Paz, Bolivia

Al evento acudieron mujeres vinculadas con la minería desde una multitud de ámbitos. Entre ellos, mujeres ingenieras de minas, geólogas, economistas o abogadas, por mencionar solo algunos ámbitos.
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