Políticas y Estrategias
Policies and Strategies

Within the activity area Policies and Strategies, the programme supports, alongside the public and private sector, the strategic advancement of environmental assessments (SDG 6, 13, 15); the regional dissemination of tools for a transparent and efficient management of public revenue from the mining sector (SDG 17); the promotion of productive linkages and diversification (SDG 8, 9); the development of international initiatives for the development of responsible mineral supply chains and its governance analysis (SDG 6, 8, 12, 13, 15, 16); and the promotion of innovation labs (SDG 9,12).

Stakeholder Governance

In the activity area of Stakeholder Governance, the programme promotes the development of a structured collaboration among the stakeholder groups involved in the mining industry through multi-stakeholder dialogues. The programme aims to improve processes through mainstreaming a human rights and gender equality approach, aiming to improve access to remedy mechanisms in mining contexts (SDG 5, 16). At the same time, the programme encourages agreements to increase local added value in the resources sector between the State, civil society, and the private sector (SDG 8).

Transfer of Technology and Innovation Promotion

In the activity area of Transfer of Technology and Innovation Promotion, the programme supports the implementation of developed problem-solving approaches to environmental issues in the fields of water management and energy efficiency in individual operations (SDGs 6, 9, 12, 13). The technical experience attained will be transmitted throughout the region. This also pertains to concepts related to the recycling and decontamination of mining stockpiles and residues in order to obtain possible remaining reusable materials and to reduce potential environmental hazards. Thus, individual mining operators will be examined in an exemplary way. (SDGs 6, 12, 15). Furthermore, the programme identifies new technology for sustainable development in the mining sector and promotes private enterprise after examining the developmental significance of the commercial launch in the region.